man smoking in darkness

alex, to the detox

By Jane Kinegal on August 9, 2016

he'd stagger in to us when he was broke and broken
beaten addled
stinking like a billy goat but not for long.
he knew we had no drugs to ease the trail
but we would stay beside him through the shudders and the shakes
talk him through the traces of his family at the window,
and scaly creatures stalking him, trying to eat his face.
he'd stick around – welcome – till he was strong again
take all he needed, he knew we weren't counting
he'd share with us
his battered cookies
we would eat them, hoping for the best
some raunchy poems and stories
he cleaned them up a little for the girls
a new song on his fiddle
kept us dancing, jammed with joy
till all hours, always one more tune [...]
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