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Warning Signs

By Ali Cuccurullo on August 9, 2016
Photo credit: Ali Cuccurullo
Opening my heart again reminded me of the time I drank a glass of apple cider vinegar.
“It’s good for the growth of healthy bacteria,” Sweetiesixteen1993 said in the comments of a Yahoo
chat forum.
Opening this heart was supposed to encourage growth and health. But I was growing tired and old.
Older than I was supposed to be at my age.
We met on a Sunday. The Lord’s Day. He was an atheist. I only know this because he wore a pin on
his vest that read: “God comes and goes, but Satan’s a sure thing.” I felt like that was maybe a red
flag. I’ve never been good at catching warning signs. Or catching anything. I was kicked off
the softball team in grade five for hugging the ball to hard.
Beware of dogs.
Beware of men who sit too close to you on the bus.
Beware of dusk and dawn.
Beware of girls who smile.