By Leila Sabbagh & Monika Kozicz on April 25, 2016

CAJUN (adj. fem.) [doos] sweet; gentle. Eau douce:  fresh non-ocean water

Leila Sabbagh (21) and Monika Kozicz (22) are students at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Their focus is on creating new experimental media evocative of social inquiry and expressions of the soul. DOUCE  was inspired by Louisiana inhabitants adapting to ever-present environmental turmoil following Hurricane Katrina and subsequent oil spills. After experiencing the impact of the BP oil spill first-hand while working in an urban ecology lab, Leila and Monika sought to create a filmographic document that surreally expresses these concerns. The music video features Louisiana performers Elizabeth Griffin and Audrey Lounsbury and music written and performed by New Orleans artist Christophe Andersson.