Rusted gate in cemetery

altared state

By Raymond "Moose" Jackson on May 10, 2016
Photo credit: Kezia Wineberg
this place is a temple
a religion all its own
every watering hole blessed
a site of holy pilgrimage
and every pilgrim you meet on these streets
trying to get right with god, you see
why we spend so much time on our knees
i say Louisiana
is an altared state
the morning jackhammer
the late night saxophone
thunderclouds in the afternoon
every time we get up off the floor
and go to work
an apostle’s creed, mortal devotion
sunset puts us back in the ground
a man rides up on his bike to ask
for alms and you give, suspend
judgement; you know
just how hard it is
the place teaches you compassion
it is a sweet, short procession
to the site of our last rites
not much time, you know
to get right with god
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